Italian "Rigato" Liquid Sterling Thread Design w/ Emerald Green Sapphire Necklace

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                                          B* Charmed Italian Designed~ Bellissimo Oro Collection 

               Italian "Rigato" Liquid Sterling Thread Design w/ Emerald Green Sapphires set Golden Accent Star Design Necklace

Shiny brilliant-cut emerald green sapphires stand out on a tiny ‘Ornato’ engraving. Their light elegantly spreads over the semi-opaque surface created by Gianmaria Buccellati 40 years ago and known worldwide as the ‘Rigato’ technique. To obtain this ‘ fabric effect ’ a master goldsmith has engraved, stripe by stripe, the whole precious surface. A technique achieved with the utmost accuracy by hand with burins, by following the same goldsmith techniques of Renaissance times.

   This Italian "Rigato" designed pendant is 1 inch across by 2.0 inches long features a sterling liquid thread design. This design is completed with 1-carat of emerald green sapphires set in a delicate gold star design.